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Correct track listing

My copy of Shotgun Wedding I ordered arrived but the track listing on the cd packaging didn't match up with the actual cd nor did the one generated by Windows Media Player when I ripped the thing to my computer so here is an accurate track listing for those who care.

Disc 1

1. Burning Skulls
2. In My Time of Dying
3. Solar Hex
4. Endless Fall
5. What Is Memory?
6. Pigeon Town
7. Cisco Sunset
8. Incubator
9. Black Juju

Disc 2

1. In My Time of Dying [live]
2. Pigeon Town [live]
3. Solar Hex [live]
4. What Is Memory? [live]
5. Cisco Sunset [live]
6. Still Burning [live]
7. Incubator [live]
8. Burning Skulls [live]
9. Gospel Singer [live]
10. Black Juju [live]
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