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in our time of dying

a lydia lunch commuity

queen of siam
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fuck you. fuck off & die you filthy fucking rotten plagiarist prostitutes. exploiters. destroyers. deceivers. exploiters, exploiters, exploiters. ok? focus on a pin prick. got it? now, exaggerate it times ten. now, my malicious ruinators, times one thousand. i'm sure the point is much easier for you to grasp now that we have eliminated all the fine points of detail, meaning & truth. we have already established the fact that you cannot leave well enough alone. your works are all in progress. destruction by stampede. the herd cometh & the herd taketh away all that is natural, beautiful & real, & put in its place: stink & shit & scum. oh! come one, come all! as long as you have nothing to say & a very loud voice to say it in & at least ten to ten thousand other idiots who idolize your diabolical inadequacies & perpetually insisit on assisting you on your ever destructive search for all that is vain & selfish & of course, financially viable. trample. pilfer. pillage. crush. kill. destroy. annihilate assholes, annihilate! the end of an era, the begining of the end, the end of the end. oh, i'm sure you've heard it all before. but remember, it's not what you say - it's how you say it & how much your paid to do so & besides, who's listening anyway? no one, that's who! because it's all been said & done & done & done to death.

"let's talk about art," said the fool to the idiot.

spoken word recording of "dear whores" can be found on the uncensored oral fixation.

this is a community for fans of lydia lunch & related work/artists. let's keep this a respectable & intelligent community. unnecessary drama is not appreciated. thank you.

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